lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017

"Do you still love her?".

'Do you still love her?'
He thought about his answer for a few seconds and she waited patiently, but also she could feel the nervousness inside her.
He shrugged.
'Yeah' Hope tried to hide the sadness in her expression, but he, focused in telling her what he was thinking, didn't seemed to notice that. 'I mean, you know, she was special for me. Actually, she still is in a way. I loved her, a lot, and she was the first girl who meaned all those things to me. I think... I think you never stop loving a person who had this impact in your live, this good impact. But no, I don´t love her in a romantic way anymore. I did, but I think those feelings disappeared time ago. I will always care about her and knowing that she is okay make me really happy, but what I´m starting to feel for you, no, I don´t feel it for her'.
Hope kept silence for a seconds, noticing how she was blushing while he was staring at her, with a sweet and quiet smile in his face. Finally, she laughed, letting her happiness free, and kissed him on the lips.

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