martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017

Letter from a bird.

I did a promise:  I would survive. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe I'm not as strong as I tought, maybe this world is just too big and strange for me.
Now I realize I am really small, just a tear in all the oceans I've been crying these nights.
They are overcoming to me. Everyone told it me, but I didn't want to pay attention to that words.. If I I hado done it I would avoid all this pain right now. 
I'm sorry for all the people I promised I could do this. They don't deserve to be disappointed on this way. My sisters trusted me, and now they got nothing.
It's incredible the way I failed the plan, fooled by a man who only wanted to use me like a little doll. Just like Kevin, he realised how weak I am and took advantage of all my debilities.
He told me that he was my friend, even that he loved me and I, naive, believed everything he was telling me. He spoke of confidence, friendship and freedom, promised me that he would help me to reach my goal, and I let him know our entire plan, all the misions I had to achieve. 
Later, he just had to make me fail, turning all the advantages of the situation in terrible problems. All this time I didn't see it, I was too blind, and now its just too late to fix things.
When I tried to face him last night, he just laughed. With a horrible smile he called me stupid, recognized all his traps and bad actions and then leaved, leaving me alone in the middle of the corridor. I dind't see him since then, I think he is gone, but all the damage he created is still here.
I'm not brave enough to confess my failure in front of the people that trusted me, the strong women who sent me here, with our destiny in my hands. 
Now, that destiny doesn't exist, I broke it myself with my weakness and my foolish heart wich believes in the promises of every demon who talks to him, I'm just as bad as these men who play at being our owners.
I'm sorry, really sorry. I hope this letter helps to tell my story to my sisters, and I hope they will be able to forgive me, although I know I don't deserve it. Maybe, someday, another person stronger than me will be able to let us free, but I'm afraid I wont be here to see that.
I give my soul to the wind, my body to the deep earth. 

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